Antibacterial Hand Soap

 Unique Features
Bactericidal Fungicidal
Mildewstatic Virucidal
Eco-friendly & User-friendly
  Acitve Ingredients
Sodium Laureth Sulfate 1 – 15
Sodium Xylene Sulfonate 0 – 5
Dipropylene Glycol 0 – 5
Aloe barbadensis juice 0 – 1
Clinical Institutions
Hospitals, Nursing homes, Trauma Centres, Cancer Research Centres, Dispensaries, Pathology Labs, Diagnostic centres.
Other Institutions
Commercial and industrial institutions, Bio-technolgy and Pharmaceuticaks instutions, Office buildings, Funeral homes, Households
  Product Compatibility
Foaming Hand Soap, Hand cleaner sanitizer
  Contact Time
Use a 1-monute contact time for better efficacy against ciruses, fungi, and bacteria and other pathogens listed.