With a reputation for being specialists in the residential care, FM, hospitality and leisure markets, where regular quality field service is demanded, the company is being approached by more and more clients who want to gain the benefit of our innovative approach to customer service.

Restaurants & Retail Catering

Restaurants & Catering

MICROVACC has long-term experience in the fine dining, casual dining, fast food and visitor attraction catering sectors. These vibrant businesses are redefining the high street and demand quality cleaning products and high service standards from a supplier like MICROVACC. We have dealt with some of the US’s best known names in the US for many years and continue to do so. Our service package offers multi-site chains an excellent resource to draw on and, although the individual sites may be small, the critical collective mass is big business for suppliers and consumers alike.



Pubs, Bars & Beverages

Bars & Beverages

MICROVACC has long-term experience in this vibrant USA business sector which comprises restaurants, independent regional pub operators and the increasing rise of retail coffee shop chains. The two major and most recent trends dominating this sector are the renaissance of the USA pub and the rapid emergence of a café culture in the USA.




Hotels, Lodging & Leisure

Hotels & Leisure

The USA hotels and lodging market comprises the four-star ‘businessman’ national chains, five-star luxury, and the growing budget sector and the holiday resort accommodation. The USA hotel sector continue to make a steady recovery from the worst effects of the ‘Great Recession’ 2008 to 2013. Benefiting from a resilient economy and a buoyant travel market the sector is witnessing across the board growth into 2015 and beyond.



Private Health & Residential Care

Residential Health Care

The private healthcare industry is booming, with residential care home groups, independent nursing homes and private hospital groups offering quality care services as the National Health Service continues to struggle to cope with the demands placed on it.




Outsourcing & Contractors

The private healthcare industry

Healthcare industry is big business and MICROVACC  realises that our expert services are relied upon across this hugely varied “industry”. most recently with the growing prominence of independent purchasing organization’s which are becoming more influential in the commercial purchasing space.



Public Sector Health & Education

Public Sector

MICROVACC has been the major chemicals supplier for over 12 years and has had it products “Environmental Protection Agency” EPA too. By working closely with infection control departments, we understand the scale and unique demands placed on hotel services and kitchen operations within hospitals. Keeping hospitals safe and clean is a key factor in ensuring effective infection prevention and improving patient wellbeing. It has also become a highly controversial issue.



Foodservice & Janitorial Distributors

Distribution Partners

MICROVACC accesses the end user market both through an extensive network of regional and national distributor partners and on a limited direct supply basis. Indeed over 85% of our end user business goes through a re-seller. We deal with the main players on a national logistics basis, working with janitorial, foodservice and office supplies partners. This gives us fantastic “reach” and delivery capability where we can accommodate the smaller independent outlet as well as the larger national chains through our partners’ networks, ARM Care FZCO exclusive representative for Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, Which covers a large market of Africa and the Middle East.